COLLAB! (Title Needs To Be More Characters)



Hi Guys!

I Know I Haven't Done This Before, But...


Yep. My First Colabb. Does Anyone Want To Join It? (I Don't Really Know What Collabs Are)



Note: Password Will Be Revealed In March 7.

ANOTHER Note: When You Hack Into My Account Something Like That, When You Puplish What You Did So Far, Let The Tile Be"(Your Username)'s Progress.


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Hmm... I Don't Know @Intellection74!


I am working on a big project, but here is a suggestion. Easter bunny simulater! You have to hide the eggs and candy before the children come. That would be a fun game. :slightly_smiling:


Collabs are when you go into one account together with somebody and make something!


Can I join? I love collabs
(Btw, collabs are collaborations between people like a group project)


Can I join?202020202


Cool beans! I'm in! (Sorry I act like a 2 year old)