Collab time zones!



This post is for me to put down time zones for people who are doing a collab. This is so you don’t have to constantly ask (like me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), and instead you could just refer to this post! I will keep editing this post to add time zones. :wink:

If you see a mistake, notify me!

Also, if your name is here already, I don’t stalk you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I just remember because you told me! But I will delete it on request. :wink:

Eastern Time Zone

Pacific Time Zone

Central Time Zone

Mountain Time Zone




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What is your timezone
⏰🌎?!time zones!?🌎⏰

I am in the Central Time Zone.


@Rawrbear can I be put on? I live in NY.


Editing now :wink:


Okay, I'll edit it. :wink:



Ok @Rawrbear thanks. For everyone else I will give y'll a hint of what state I am in. Now we don't have dirt roads.


I'm in Pacific Standard Time/Time Zone. Ahh I'm so alone!! :joy:


I will be near there when I go on my cuirse to Alaska. Yay Passports. ugh


Done! :wink:

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Lucky, you get to go on a cruise?! So jealous :yum:


For my grandparents won't be fun much because the sun will never set.

Edit: My Keyboard won't work.



Also: Are you taking a Disney cruise?


Yes but lets get back on topic. So anyone else

(If you want to ask more questions ask me on Hopstoch)


Anyone need their time zone placed in?


Eastern time zome


I am Mountain Time Zone


@CamMakesGames @BasketballNerd Edited! :wink:


Can you put me I'm in the Eastern Time Zone!


Could you add me? I'm in Eastern.


I added you guys @StylishDancerForum and @KathrynJaneway! :wink: