Collab? TheCodeBase [FULL]



Does someone wants to collaborate?

I want to make a adventure game,
But if you dont like we choose something else

Can you do this?

  • Make a simple song
  • Make a joystick
  • Have at least 1 project in trending or featured

If you can do this you're in

Only 3 can join so be fast!


everybody's at school in America right now, the
largest percent of hopscotch's users, so you won't get so many replies too fast, but not me... my bus came 5 minutes early with ice... but no ice? 1/2 hour late... -_-


Can I join? I can do all those things.


@GiraffeProductions you joined!


@Work_kids_coding, this looks good! :wink:


Huh? @Rawrbear
What do you mean?


@Work_kids_coding wanted to join some collabs! I'm just showing him some! :grin:


Ohh Thanks!
Now i understand :smile:


I want to join!!!
I an great at coding.


Okey, You Are Joined!


Thanks! When are we going to start


If everyone joined
we need 1 more


May I please join and thanks @Rawrbear for showing me


I am in featured twice trending 5 times and rising once and I can make a joy stick (it is easy to make) I have made more then a simple song I made Joy to the world jingle bells and Away in a manger


@Nas-Studio may I join


@justanerd I am in the USA but I Homeschool


He'll probably be here in a few hours. :wink:


@Rawrbear not only do you have a cool avatar you also have a kind heart


Thanks :blush:



please! I'd love to!