Collab someone?



Hello! Does anyone want to do a collaboration with me? Plzzzzz!


Sure, I can do a collab!


Yay! I have never Done that before :smiley: who should start?


How do you actually do a collab? What exactly is it?


One person makes a project, then when one person is done, you publish. Then the other person takes the project and works on it! When the other person gets it, the first person unpublishes it! This goes on until youMre done with the project! :slight_smile:


Ive never done a collab either, so we can give it a go.What shall it be about??


That is very offtopic


What is off topic @Razor


Hmm... Maybe about a portal that takes you to different dimensions?:joy::joy:
Or lets just say that the person who starts working on it, can choose what its about? Then who shall start?


+1 point!



i dont mind. Maybe you tart as it was your idea


BTW this is off-topic, but i just wanted to say that i like every comment in any of my discussions.


Cool! :thumbsup:

You're lucky that your topic isn't the drawing topic XD