Collab Requests!



Okay, but don’t use a real email. I never said I wanted to join, I said whoever is in the account can see the email.


Unfortunately, the email will be the one that the confirmation email is sent to. Then the account must be activated via whoever has the email. A fake email will prevent such a thing from happening.


Then change the email to a fake one after activation.


Okay, then that will happen.


Alright, everyone! Who is going to make the collab?

(Use a real email, activate the account, then change the email to a fake one after activation.)

The deadline is December 5, 11:59 PM (Chicago).


Has it been made yet


Nope. It needs to be made after the poll closes.


Ok, thanks for the info


Omg, it’s a tie vote! Fortunately, I got permission to make the collab myself, so @BSMFCPD Art will be going live as soon as possible!


I know I’m uber late but am I too late to be in the collab? I’ve never been in one before…


Is this on the forum or app, @Cocoa_Viola


The forum. You should’ve payed attention.


so, since no one answered me, is it too late to join?


Oh I forgot sorry