Collab Requests!



I, @Cocoa_Viola, feel like creating a collab for the forum. If you don’t know what a collab is, it’s an account that multiple users can share without it being counted as “hacking”. I’m not allowed to create the collab myself, so I need another user to do it. Also, we need to anonymously know the password to the collab.


Tagging ppl who might want to see this
@William04GamerA @Glow-Cumber @SoaringFeathers @Fizzy_27 @Kayro @DogWithAPen @yaygirls


Alright I’ll do it for you


Hi? I don’t know. I saw this.


Not yet! We still need to decide what we want it for.


@Hi_people you are correct; I would like no more than 20 people.


How about we make chicken related projects


Wait…how am I correct?


What should the collab be for?

  • Comics
  • Art
  • General chatting
  • Project sharing
  • Game shows

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Come in and vote! Also, the deadline is October 16th.

Mimi’s General :)) | x2

If there’s more than that, things can go out of control and the collab will have to shut down quickly. Wait a minute… I thought you said you wanted a 20 limit.


Oh. The was a glitch. I edited it. But sure. Maybe less, 20 seems big.


@Hi_people I agree. Maybe… 19?



Who do you think should be in the collab? I will only take the top options.

Come on, everybody! Vote! Also, the deadline is October 16th.

Mimi’s General :)) | x2

Sounds fun!:grinning:


hey um can I join the collab? i’ve never joined one before


Sorry, I cannot add you to the collab. I only choose those of them I chose in the poll. Also, it is too late to edit the poll, plus if I added you, then I would break the poll.


I’m in the poll! Cool, thanks!


Depending on what it will be used for, I might join. But it depends on if I have time.


@Bluedasher on second thought… fine. You can be in the collab.


That’s settles it! The comic will be for art. The members joining it will be: