Collab project idea with @oio and @TeamSuper


Hello, @oio  and @TeamSuper! i came up with the idea of a "How to draw a Manga face"
project, and i thought that i could do the design idea and you could program it.
here is the idea.

First, draw this. this is the base for all that you add on.
be sure that the Y Axis line is in the middle of the ear,
and the X Axis is in the middle of the head

Next, draw this. first, draw the hair without lines, and then add them in.

Next, erase the guidelines, shade in the eyes and add a bunch more lines is the hair. Remember! no two hair lines can cross.

Next, draw over it in pen. make sure it's not a pen that bleeds through paper.

now is the fun part! erase the pencil under the pen, then blow off the eraser shavings.

Taaa daaa! you now have a nice drawing to call your own!


I'm so honoured for you to chose me I never thought anyone would want to work with me with me thank you so much!!

I can do it I'll wait until @oio responds
Than you again

Sincerely TeamSuper


You are welcome, TeamSuper!


Still waiting till @oio responds


Sorry, @TeamSuper and @DrDuctape, I have been completely wiped out after working on a very long project. I didn't sleep for two days. I don't recommend that, in general, as a way of getting stuff done.

It sure looks like someone has some real artistic talent. I hope you won't laugh at me for asking the question... but what exactly is a Magna face? Is "Magna" the name of a character? Or is "Magna" a whole style of characters with huge eyes like Japanese anime? I'm kinda lost...:blush:

I guess, to answer the invitation, I just need to know how I can help. Most of the stuff that I do with Hopscotch Has math in it, with stuff moving around, and it ends up being some kind of game. Is this project like that? If so, I migt be able to help. If not, i should probably just watch and learn from you guys.



you can help by programming, and @TeamSuper can help on design!
by the way manga is the japanese style of drawing.


And i can help by figuring out how to draw the faces.


You know what might be neat, then? Make it so that the code doesn't just draw one face, but so that anybody who uses it can tweak the proportions and colors of the face to make a "magna" character of their own liking. More complicated, yes, but something you can do with Hopscotch, i think. I will have to study your picture to understand the style. Maybe late tonight...

Here's what I would rcommend to you: draw your very best magna face. Do it on graph paper - the kind with little squares that form a grid. Pretend that your graph paper is the hopscotch screen. When you are done, you can take a ruler and make some measurements to get the important proportions for making a face that looks good. Those proportions would be the place where you start in the code.

An alternative to what I have suggested would be to use a screen measurement tool. You could take a picture perfectly straight down of your very best magna face, and you could make all of your measurements using a screen measurement tool on a computer.

Either way would seem to work.

Once you have those important proportions, you could make variables to represent them in your code. That would let you change the picture in a lot of ways. It would almost be like playing with the Wii characters, on the Nintendo Wii. See what I mean? And is that even interesting? I mean, it's just an idea. Mostly, I just do games with math...


That is a great idea! i'm sorry that we can't collab, but that's okay.
do you still want to, @TeamSuper?


About collating
I would love to collaborate with you guys
But I'm waring you I have never done this before so watch out for my mistakes
Sincerely TeamSuper


Oh, @TeamSuper, that's great! But lets do this on hopscotch, not the fourm.