Collab Project for choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~


Hey @XiaoMiaoMi, I heard the news about choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~ and I want to do a collab on a project for her.. I reckoned because you were friends with her you'd know some things she liked so I could put them in a project (but shhhh keep it a surprise) and anyone can help really but @XiaoMiaoMi if I knew her favorite song I could compose it, if I knew her favorite color I could make that the main color, and etc. So if it's ok with you can you tell me a few things?


What happened to her? I was grounded when this all happened


She was diagnosed with cancer (I'm 99% sure)


A music collab? I'm in! :slight_smile:


Not all music but there will be music


I love doing any music, could I join!


Yes you guys can do music. But it'd be best if I knew what kind of music she liked from @XiaoMiaoMi


Awww that sucks! I feel so bad :sob:


I know right? I saw this game called dragon cancer about a little toddler with cancer. They said he wouldn't make it. I was too sad to continue the game. It was so touching. Cancer is serious. Anyone who says OH IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL I MEAN THEY GET TREATMENT THEY'LL LIVE DEFINETLY ALL THE TIME!!!! Even though they may just be trying to make themself forget about how terrible this disease is you shouldn't say that because then IF they do not make it they'll doubt a lot of things. Basically. Don't say it's not a big deal. It is! Send a letter to a hospital, or donate! You can make a difference. Heheh that was long.... BOT now!


Sorry... I just woke up -3-

I really appreciate you doing this! I made a list of some of the stuff she likes on the other topic, if anyone could link that here that would be great. Here's a recap:

  • Favorite color is Laudrel
  • Favorite songs are pretty classical, a few quieter Vocaloid picks. Her favorite song is Feathers Across the Seasons, look up the original version with the animated music video. If it's too hard to code, go with anything classical.
  • Her favorite animal is the basilisk or Draco lizard. She loves reptiles!

Any more info you need?


Ok... Um I don't really know... But thanks for your help! I can't do this without help!

Edit: well obviously... This is a collab. Heheh


Also did you mean Laurel because I found the color laurel but not laudrel


Yeah, I meant laurel.


Ok I'll get the HSB for a laurel like color and make the game based on that color.. So I think a peaceful rainforest with classical music would be cool.

Edit: and then out of nowhere dancing reptiles jump out of the ground and dance in front of you!!


I think the dancing reptiles isn't really necessary... But ok!


I know but it'll give it a fun twist and I like that. They'll go away though after a few seconds (their routine). Then it'll be natural with classical music and birds chirping and other things like that.