Collab problem!


Hey guys, I am in a collab with CurvedGuitar and Follow4LikesOfficial, and it's going great! But there's one problem, the project was remixed from my collab chat, no now there is the branch option in the top right corner. I don't want this because it will almost be like I made the entire project, and that project is just a remix! Is there anyway to take this off?


No, at least within my knowledge. You could always leave a text saying it was a collab though. Unless, of course, someone else makes the project, because I've heard if you leave a project long enough in the drafts, like a few weeks, the branch symbol with the name will be gone.


Thanks, I'll tell my collab partners about this, we might not want to wait a few weeks though, does it have to stay untouched in the drafts or can you still add stuff to it and the option will go away?


No, you can still edit it while you're waiting for it to go away.


K, thanks! That's really helpful! It'll take awhile for us to finish the project anyways....


Yeah :sweat_smile:,
I don't mind the branch thing. I can't be on this week either :confused:


Oh yes there is go to the project
Then to the ...
And click unpublish or something