Collab Possibly?



I am starting a collab. I don't know what for yet, but I am. Everyone is welcome, but note that I am cautious. @Lazylizard told me that @MYD wants to do a collab? Anyone else want to join?


What should we call it?


It s okay. Sorry I took so long.


Ok. But first, any idea what to name it? What do you like? I'll combine things we both like.


Can I join too? Just so you know, we are a boy and a girl.


I like purple, dc superheroes, reading, and horses.


Out of likes. But can we join too? We like Hopscotch, fairies, magical creatures, sports, the Boston Red Sox (baseball team), baseball, softball, and @SmileyAlyssa. And Harry Potter, reading, movies, we DON'T like the NY Mets, and we like games.


I would have liked. Here is a like; I ran out:



Ok. But seriously, any usernames that combine our interests?


Would have liked again. The 4 Friends Collab Account? We are a girl and a boy. The Unofficial Official Collab Account? Doesn't make sense.


Maybe, but we might let others join. I'm a Star Wars and comic book fan, could we use those?


HorseFlower-TRICERA-Make-Your-Day Studios? Too long. Animal Day Collab? That sounds like it is a Collab account for National Animal Day. Maybe Collab Friends?


I just put Collab Friends. How about that?


Okay. That works. It is coming. Note I will delete the password when you both like the post.


When I reply, okay? I am out of likes.


Okay. Got it. I will go test it now, bye for 5 minutes.


Oh, why? Did you make sure to spell the username correctly?


Yes, can you make an easier password to remeber


Sorry, I just wanted to do something Zatanna. I will change it.


Okay, but I got in and made a draft so we can check if we are on at the same time. It is a draft chatroom. Bye. My brother (he is the boy on this account, I am the girl) is going on now.