***COLLAB*** plz join need at least 3 members to start (TheCoolCoders!😎)


Ok I know I have made like 01029282902023983 collabs but either no one has join or we never make projects together
Like @AwesomeNachos and @PrincessBunny1 and me or @Cupcake.maniac and me and like a million others
So if you can join plz do!!

What are you good at on hs?
(Put 1-3 things that you are good at down below if you are joining!)
On hs

We will probably be making a game trail art pixel art or something!


You should find an idea to help get members


Like for the collab???


i’m good at genral coding, cool shape graw things
my ipad is brokween at the moment but it should be fixed soon


Do you want to join


Yes with your current post you could be making just about anything for Halo to a pixel art on some random fungi subphylum lol


CLAIMED iwannamakethat

Baisically people don’t know what will actually happen so they are less likely to join



Also for my collabs I like to invite specific people based on expertise


Do you want to join @PartTimeFemale


yeh i’d like tyo join


Ok just fill out the form




Are you on hs???


yes my hs is parttimefemale


Isn’t this you


Are you active on hs


not at the moment. my ipad is broken


that is not me


I want to join.
What I am best at making:
Trail Art
Pixel Art
I am nice(or at least I think I am)
I am on HS as OfficialHopscotchRemixer
Also I am active


Ok answer the other questions in the form plz