Collab! Please join! Please!


I have a collab channel, mention my username on this topic if you want to join!
Please join!! Please!


About what?(this had to be longer)


You just go on it to collab with me and other people!


I don't know what you want from me!! Do you want to be part of it, or not?


Have you and others worked together to make any projects? Could you please provide a link to them and briefly describe who did what.


It's brand new. No one's been on it.


have you worked on a game with anyone on the hopscotch forum before?


No. We don't need to on the forum. Multiple people can be on this channel I made. No forum included.


is there any games on hopscotch that you and others have co operated together to create?


No. First time. Where are these questions leading to?


I've helped with Tap Titans and been helped with Tap Warrior. i was just seeing if you had experience working with others. Its hard if you have multiple ppl doing different things as not all the changes ppl make can go into one project.


Ok. Do you want to join? All you have to do is in the title of your project, put the names of people that are aloud to edit it with you.


What do you like creating? What would u say is your best skill?


I don't have a best skill, really. You can see my projects if you want. My normal channel username is gamergirlofgamers if you want to see.


Ok. See you in 24 hours!


@Games do you want to be in it?


I'm not really a FNAF person, I can code something bouncing off something, you do it something like this:


The miniature golf game?Sure!


Can I start?That might not work you know I think that we need more values and set angles.


It works, just not very realistic.