Collab Monopoly Thief Game(members only)


Monopoly Thief Gamme

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Credits to @Stradyvarious for the idea.

To join you have to read the Collaboration Project
So you understand how we will work

Basic Idea
Like the basic monopoly board gamme, we will make it on hopscotch.
With most of monopoly included:
-2-4 Players
-Dice function
-Moving players system
House, cards and money system.



I'd like to join, but is it okay if I am in another collab as well?


I would love to make it with you @TromaxTheDestroyer! I love it that you always want to have an collaborations all of the time! I have read it already.


we don't have to copy Monopoly exactly. We can make other board designs and gameplay options. Like characters could be thieves in a hotel and when they land on a square occupied by another player they have to pay and are locked in a room in a smaller board inside the larger board.
Players could move around the board to get the right colored keys to open rooms or gues the correct number codes for opening safes in a short time and sent to jail if failing. Nearly each square landed on could have a challenge.
Also a player could be a cop chasing the other thief players.


Of course, as long as you keep up with us, there is nothing that I can complain about.


xD, I love making projects with people, just being organized that's all.


I totally agree, that would make the project, more interresting and easier to make.


Dice that are tapped and give a random result, pressing your character and dragging around the board, dragging items to your character inventory screen
and tapping a card deck to read the challenge or penalty would be easy to code.


Sorry, I'm not part of this collaboration but I have an idea for this Monopoly project. For characters, maybe use Hopscotch characters? And maybe have a 3D dice to roll? Perhaps when the dice rolls a number, the characters takes that many steps on each square if it is possible.


Tromax is in charge and no final decision has been made. But having the characters auto move around the board will make new ideas limited as dragging them anywhere allows more game design options.

The non player characters can be auto moving like security guards or elevators where a player taps a button to end their turn and a guard will move a certain number of squares and patrol an area and penalties will apply to any player the guard touches.


Good idea, hopscotch characters could be the characters, or we could use emojis. If wants to make a 3D dice, that would be great.


Well it was kind of your idea so you are in charge too.
You have great ideas, we could make decisions together.


Do you want me to make a start on a grid of about 6x10 squares and a smaller grid inside the larger grid.

I meant 6 squares down the sides of the screen and 10 along the top and bottom?

I'll wait to see ideas from others here to see what is agreed too before any start is made. @TromaxTheDestroyer


Yeah, sure, in the mean time I will be waiting for people to join in.


Do you want to take part of the project?


I can tell you that a 3D dice will be hard. I recommend a 2D one. 2 emoji squares and a roll button. When roll is tapped the squares spin and then display a number of dots.


Here's a grid I made.
When you tap the dice they spin for 2 seconds.
When the dice are tapped the value dissapears and appears after the dice stop spinning.

And when the dice are tapped the turns value goes up by 1 to keep track of how many turns have been played in case a turn limit is made for the game.

I left 4 sections on the right side for the players names/stats/inventory.
I will upload when you request.

Updated now with arrows to tap to increase/decrease the cash value for each player.


I bought mosquito, just an FYI. Maybe we could use him?


I don't know,,we will see later.


Wow nice work!
Umm, I think you just made halfopf the project. xD