Collab? Mabye? Planetary siege game thing?


Do you think I should do a collab? I have an idea for a game that's basically you on a planet in a stronghold helping to withstand a siege on the planet. I would need help for someone to do the character, the enemies, and also one to do sounds and music and stuff. And I would do the other stuff like the shields and shield health and stuff. And we could all work on the story and stuff. Should I do it?


Sounds like fun I can't collab though sorry you should totally do it


Do a collab! It'll be cool. I can't do it until sometime this week though (MDM updating)


Yeah, what MobCraft said. School iPads and all! (Even though we keep them over the summer!)


Ok I'll do it :smile_cat: Oink


If you do this, do it by yourself. You’re terrible at collabs.