Collab! Inviting all Hopscotchers!


Okay so I've been going through ideas and stuff and it finally hit me! It was right on my iPad it's the only game I really play (not including hopscotch or forum as a game).
Okay so now we're over the intro here my collab idea.......
Temple Run!(Hopscotified)

Do you wanna help?

  • Yes
  • No


(If you answered Yes or OF COURSE! On the second one reply below)
I'm inviting only 2 people
That's it, b4n!!!! (bye 4 now)


You read my mind! I was thinking of that last night.... Lol


I'd really love to join t I can't.


I said yes... (Space space space)


I'd really love to do this, but unfortunately I'm working on a project of my own and have school and after-school activities to deal with (;~;)


But not much time though :sweat_smile:. (Getting more activities)


So that one person joining right?


Me? (Space space space potato)


That's two people joining


Hmm, magic. And I was invited? Wow. Interesting. Okay, well this should be easy eniugh, as we have dem speshul tilt and swipe blocks. Don't know how we'll do the running guy, though.


Thanks 4 inviting me. :P
I'll join depending on what I have to do


Yeah that's the main part of the whole temple run thing


Well u can work on well whatever part you want!