Collab/ Ideas For Me?


I would like ideas for a new project/ maybe a collab? If I like your idea, and we both want to collab, we can definitely work together! But I mainly need ideas!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You could make an rpg game or a popcorn machine EDIT: In the popcorn machine, the point of game is to catch unburnt popcorn kernel


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Here you go, I have 4 of them


4 of them

If you want ideas, here




You could make a really big game with someone. It would go through a human's everyday life.


Any other AWESOME ideas?


You could make tron (as in the game!)


link to play (only on computer, sorry!):


or you could make a music maker!


You could try and remake some old classical games! I love the classical games


I made a random racing test!

Would this be a good thing to make into a racing game?

  • Yeah!
  • No.
  • Maybe, but I have some ideas to help make it good. (Tell me below!)



I just thought of something.

We collab.

Sounds legendary, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sure! What should the project be?


That's an interesting question... Maybe we should do some sort of puzzle/casual game? I'll look for one we could base the game off of!


That's a good idea. Should we make it on a collab account? I vote for no. I could publish a draft we could work off of once we make an idea.


I vote no too, we'd get hacked!

Alright, time for the idea...


@Rawrbear @Gilbert189 we could make a game like neko atsume


I love that game! I've thought about making it for a while, but it might be boring, since we can just give out fish, and people will get bored if they have to wait.


I have another idea, you guys could make a dance game. Like this Sorry I couldn't find a better example. This would actually be pretty simple, I think.


I think that was already made!