Collab Group with CP


So… I want to make a collaboration account with some people. Like some good coders, get some features and become pretty popular!


  1. One or more features
  2. Must be active
  3. CodePerfect! :joy::rofl:

People in the group
Maybe - @Madi_Hopscotch_
@Milkypup for background music
@HappyDolphin for project ideas

Any name ideas for the account?



@CodePerfect Who do you count as a “good cider”


Some friends…



Wow… that’s all


@CodePerfect I fall under all of the requirements.


I mean like, can you code complicated stuff?


I don’t have HS right now, but could I have the pass and give project ideas? :slight_smile:


Featured November 2015
On the forum, not HS
Uh… yeah?


@codeperfect Uh, you have seen the natural disaster project?

  1. cough
  2. Yeah


No… remember I haven’t been on lately…


Was it good?


@CodePerfect It is not published yet!


Yeah! I will totes do that.

Once we have an account…


Oh! Okay! Do you want to be in the account?


I’d love to join! I can code pretty much everything exept Sine and Cosine. I meet all the requirements!



If you need someone to code music for your games… I have no features though


@CodePerfect Yes, I would!


@Milkypup Ooh! Cool! What is an example of the music you code?


I haven’t composed my own songs, but I take music from my piano and saxophone books and code it on there. I need to transpose the saxophone songs into the piano key, but other than that, the most difficult part is trying to find the time to code it


@Milkypup Can you give me an example song?