Collab for Thanksgiving! :D


So.. I wanted to start a collab, but I wanted to have a certain theme. After Halloween, I thought about the next holiday... Thanksgiving! I felt like it's too soon for a Christmas collab; however I am going to make one after this collab.

Now, I don't want to start such a big collab, I just want a smile one. No one is going to sign up anyway. I'm only accepting 2 people, so try and show me the best you can! :DD

The way we're going to do this is have an account and trade drafts, similar to @SmileyAlyssa's collab. :D

I'm very excited for this XD

SO here is the form:

HS Username:
What do you publish often:
How often do you publish:
Link to best project:
Features? Risings?
Rate your coding skills:
Have you ever been in a collab?
If so, which one?

People who want to be in




What's Thanksgiving?


It's a holiday where we give thanks. :DD it is on November 24th.


It's a holiday in America. It's fun. I made a game about it in August and got it on featured. I'm working on my Christmas game now.


I thought this year it was 24th?


I don't really know at all. Do you want to sign up for the collab?


Ok. One sec.


Nindroid Games™
Games/values in games or basic trail art
I only have very basic knowledge of sin and cos and tend to make bugs that are obvious, such as when level=1 set text to random 1-2 without a wait 655767755 block.
I try to do high quality projects so not much.
Well I got featured at about 8 AM central time for the first time today.
No, I was only ever interested in a few (this included)
@EnchantedHopscotcher I added the link.






HS Username: PenguinGaming713
What do you publish often: pixel art, random backgrounds
Strength: pixel art, background, music
Weakness: sin cos, trail art
How often do you publish: it varies
Link to best project:
Features? Risings? One feature and one rising
Rate your coding skills: 6.5
Have you ever been in a collab? Yes
If so, which one? Lots. A few are the Sims, Bluedogmc coding contest

Sounds cool!


Never heard of it before


I would, but I'm pretty inactive at this point. Sorry!


Also rate my coding skills: 7/5 (I mean ten)


It's alright. I understand :DD


Thanks! :D


No problem :D

Would you want to join the Christmas one?

You might want to scroll through my bio. It has something about you in it c:


I really want to join! I like doing collabs, just not running them by myself.


HS Username: SmileyAlyssa​:blush:
What do you publish often: Games, Quizes, just random stuff.
Strength: Values, how to find another way to fix bugs.
Weakness: Art. Pixel art, trail, art, shape art, I can't do art XP
How often do you publish: I used to publish at least once a week, but I've been so busy with volleyball lately I haven't been publishing anything. Luckily, volleyball just ended! So I actually have time to code now!
Link to best project: Still trying to improve, but:
Features: 8 (on SA acc, 10 total) Risings: 1
Rate your coding skills: Okay, I guess? I still am learning a ton every day, and at least I'm getting better. Maybe a 5/10?
Have you ever been in a collab?: Yeah, the Halloween one, a little drawing pad with Anonymous, something for the Red/Blue Contest wayyyy back, and more :smiley:

I would love to be in another Collab, if you want me to make anything (preferably not art) than just tell me what you want, and I'll get it done ASAP! :smile:


What's thanksgiving?


I've heard of thanksgiving but we don't celebrate it in my country (probably)