Collab for Spirit animal quiz


RubyWolf, this is our chat for the collab. Can U publish the quiz so I can see?


I haven't done much yet I'll do it soon k?


Sure! Do you understand the way I coded it?


Sort of? I published it but it's not really good I only did opinions for question 2:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


With that art club you wanted to do should we do it? And what should I do with the quiz? (Sorry for all the questions)


Oh, I'm working on it but yeah!


I say we accept about ten people. Let's only accept the best like OrangeScent and JaszyKake.


Yeah! So we make a form and they have to draw something for us. Do you want me to make the form now?


You're doing a great job with the quiz do you want me to finish it?


Are you on @SoBit (aka sapphireWolf)


Cool ruby wolf im looking forwards to that!!!


The quiz is lookin great @SoBit! For a question what about favourite sport or activity?


RU on? I worked on it a little more.


I'm on can you read my most recent project?


Yeah that's a great idea, can you make it? I'm not sure how.


I can make it! Should it be on the forum,hopscotch or both?


Both would be great! Thanks.


Ok I'll do the forum one now so we can chat and the hopscotch one after k?


Yeah, thanks! That would be great.


I did the one for the forum!