Collab for smishy! (smishsmash) Smishy, don't look!



President: BerryFOX
Postion: to be a leader to those who need help!

Vice President: EnchantedAnimallover
Position: To help with hard coding and to help with the Presidents coding when they are absent

Regular: None yet
Position: To do most of the hard coding and to help others with hard coding

Member: None yet
Position: To do some of the easier coding, but also some of the hard coding

Basic: None yet
Position: To do easier coding, and make their way up to the hard coding

Have fun!


I would love to help, but I don't have an iPad with Hopscotch. I can still give some advice, though!


I was going to make one. XD

But hey, I will join! c:

Those positions look familiar, though.... Maybe from my topic? :slight_smile:

Can I be Vice President?


Can I join this please?
Don't mind which position :wink:


Can I join this please! :D


Sure! Sorry I sort of copied your positions...


Of course! That would be great!


Sure! Choose your position!


Idk lol…Members please?


Sure! You can be a member!




Revive XD
Smishy must have a collab lol