Collab for smartypants ( smartypants, do not look !)



Hi! So I am thinking of doing a collab for Smartypants. She is very good on hopscotch and she deserves it ! We well make lots of projects for her. By trading drafts. I will be accepting 15 other people! c:

So I need people to join this (of course). There will be lots of positions.

To join, fill out this form:
HS Username:
Power (Something you are good at:

- Don't tag Spartypants
- Have fun

- Kicked out


Mr Blah Blah
I don't know my position


You can be one of the artists ! It is up to you!


Ok, I upload emoji draws every so often. I'm good with pen and paper but maybe not finger and tablet.


You can draw on paper and pen and then you can take a photo of it and upload it here ! :slight_smile:




Does anyone else want to join ?


Hmmmm.... May I have credit?

The way you said everything seems familiar, probably from my collab topic.

The everything, except for the name of the user, has been copied from me. That's plagiarism. It's not nice.

Please give me credit, or else I will flag because it's spam.


Of corse you can have credit ! I am soooo sorry !


If u didnt already know, SmartyPants left. :3


Le gah… I don't think I can keep joining these ; ____ ;


She has ! I did not know !