Collab for COAN! (don't look COAN)



Credits to everyone who have make a collab for a hopscotcher before me! Especially to @tankt2016

This is a topic were we will do a project to Creations Of a Noob. We will decide what to make later.


Don't tag COAN
you'll be kicked if you do it.

Be kind

Don't steal my senpai

Hopscotch username:
Do you like COAN?:
What position do you want?:

Leader: @BB-Box
Co-leader: @TheRealBlah or @Potter_Head
HSB finders (2): @William04GamerA @KVJ
Bug finder (2):
Musicians (2):
Designers (2): @Rainboom
Idea people's (2):
People who help with everything (3): @tankt2016

OMTL without COAN




Mr Blah Blah
Co-leader or idea people



What's my position?


What do you want for position most of all?

@TheRealBlah you will be a co-leader if you win the poll. I will have a poll if more people's want to be co-leader. If you loose you will be an idea people


I want co-leader but I'm probably going to lose.:weary:


I know that you will win if you are the only who want to be it. I know that you have a big chance to be it


I don't have featured or trending or rising unlike the rest of you guys.:sob::sob::sob:


If you continue with hopscotch so one day you get your first featured. Just try to make new things and come with good ideas


K, Am I the only one who wants to best at everything? (It's what I am like in real life.


I don't think so! There are many more people who want to be best


Hopscotch is the only thing I am bad at. Look at this


What's that?


UNSW National English competition. What I am trying to say is I am not good at Hopscotch


False! Your awesome and awesome again


Please @BB-Box I just don't know how to be better at Hopscotch


Hey, sorry to intrude, but can you please cover the names at the bottom? D:


They're not my names. They're names of professors. It's well known knowledge.


Okay, sorry. I didn't know how personal it was.


Do you want to join Disky?