Collab? @everyone!



Hello ppl! I'm back again.

I wanted to know if anyone wanted to collab? I'm kinda bored, and won't be on for much longer, but I'd love it if we could start! Here's the 'form.' Not really, just a list of things that might be helpful for me to know.

Hopscotch Username
Idea for what the collab is
When are you available
What time zone are you

Anything below Idea for collab is optional. Let me know asap. Thx!


EDIT 1-I hate it when no one is on the forums. :-/ :wink:




I'm currently doing a Build a Bear workshop collab if you wanna join, you don't have to :wink:


Sure! :blush: Is there a topic or just on hopscotch?


Here ya go