Collab Coding At Same Time


Anybody else think people should be able to code at the same time on the same project? it would be convienent for colabs.


It would be convenient!


The reason why the Hopscotch Team as resented from doing this is because code gets deleted when people code the same block at the same time.


Oh... Ok that makes sense :frowning:
That's too bad


Couldn't they just fix that by making it so only 1 person can code an object at once? You wouldn't be able to open it, the object could turn bright red or gray, and if you click on it, a message will come up saying, "Someone is working on this object's code right now. Try again when their done!"


Someone could hack around it..? That's my guess!


They could, but its their fault if its deletes the code! We gave you a warning!


And then the other person would get mad and start a fight, right..? :wink:


Well.... Uh.... I have no defense. I guess your right.


I just ran (at the speed of sound) out of likes, so here! :heart: