Collab Chat (me and Ihasfluffycupcakes)


Hey :slightly_smiling:


hi! What do you want to make?


What do u want to make?


How are you today?


Can I help


Maybe a game? Can it be about sports?


sure you can help!!

btw I love your name


I am going to book everyone who replied on this topic....


Ok now gbot :slightly_smiling:


Why? What's your problem?!


yeah, but it would be too inappropriate for hopscotch


why? Its just a collab chat people do them all the time?


I have no clue.


no, I just think making a d umb ways to die 2 game on hopscotch wouldn't be good because It has violence in it and they are little kids on hopscotch


I deleted that comment. Also I didn't mean the ACTUAL whole game I meant in that game there are different AREAS with different GAMES in each area


Oh, ok! Maybe we can do the game Fruit Ninja?


yeah but like an improved version


Yeah. When do you want to start the project?


well, I have school tomorrow and Friday, I'm out sunday so maybe we could talk about it today and then maybe start it tomorrow afternoon?