Collab Chat for SnowGirlStudios and EnchantedAnimallover



Hey, @SnowGirl_Studios! Let's talk about our Collab here? I have one question: When will you be able to be active on EnchantedSnow Company?


Hmmm maybe tomorrow around 7ish EST?


What is the difference between EST AND WEST?


What time is it for you right now?


8:44 pm! What is yours?



Soo 3 hour time difference so It will be 4pm for you!

(I'm normally in PST time but im on vaca)


So when are you coming back? That way, it's easier to Collab! And yes, that would be alright at 4pm. I will just finished gymnastics, so maybe 4:20?


I'll be back in PST on Sunday.


Wait, @SnowGirl_Studios, tomorrow I can't be active at 4:00. I have swim. I thought tomorrow was Thursday! So maybe at 4:45 WEST?


Sure! :D