Collab chat (for me and @SapFire)



This is a collab chat for me and @SapFire. We are planning to make a project about Easter.

Don't look at the chat unless you want spoilers.


Ok, which account can we make it on? mine's or your's?


Your's, plus I have other plans for my acccount.


Sure! the Easter eggs should be made out of circles, or we can find ovals.


I'm on my laptop, you can start by making the words "Happy Easter"! Call the draft: Easter


Did it! Can you try to do something to make it fade?


ok, getting off my laptop

after that you can try adding credits?


I tried my best to do the fading, it still came out good


It looks cool! aww gtg


Isn't there a fading video?


@Ihasfluffycupcakes already did it, and this is for me and Ihasfluffycupcakes only.


It's looking good so far! :slightly_smiling:


Yep! lol maybe we should combine circles to do the eggs.


Sure! but maybe later cuz I'm using a computer.