Collab Challenge!



First person to sign up wins. Below are directions to sign up and to have a Collab Account with me.

Before signing up, make sure you apply to all these things.


You must have a safe email addres s.


You should probably be on the account at least once a week.


You must apply to this.

Alright. Now, when you sign up, you must state these things.

Your safe email adres s
Your frequency to be on the Collab
Your hopscotch user.


I'll join depending on what type of things we'll be doing.


@Supermoon39 anything! We find that out when you have been the first to sign up.


Ok then, I'll join. My user is Supermoon39 , I have a safe email for hopscotch only, and I'm pretty sure I can be on at least once a week.:smiley:


@Supermoon39 ok what is the email? I'm on and ready.


Do you want to start working right now?


@Supermoon39 emailing you now.

Done. Pls reply to the email.


@Supermoon39 we r talking over email now sooooo