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I've noticed there's a lot of people making new topics about "Should I Start A Collab?"

Well, instead of making a new topic, you can post it right here! If others think your idea is good and would like to join your collab, you can carry it onto your own topic.

Do you think this idea is good?

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Please be sure to state your opinions too!

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Good idea! I was about to make one. :wink:
I'm not able to collab, I'm too busy for any more. I want to put my time and effort into my current collabs!


This is a wonderful idea, @Paydent12!

@DancingLollipop Beat me to the first like. :D


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This is a great idea! It will be easier and more faster. This will prevent clog on the forum. However, I'm curious to know... how will we stay organized?


Thats a good point 🤔


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Yes, that's a good idea!


Hehe yes I did :smirk:
And this is a wonderful idea @Paydent12 !!


@Paydent12 are ya still doing your farm collab
(Is it the only one your doing?)


Yes, im still working on that!


Well, I'm in a collab with @SmileyAlyssa (yes, the famous Hopscotcher! :blush:), but I don't know what topic we are doing it on…


This is a great idea! I not in any collabs and maybe I'll start one here soon! If anyone wants to bein a collab message me!


I did not get a notification ah!


I think this is cool idea!


Anyone want to post a collab on here :sweat_smile:


Any collabs to join... :neutral_face:


Not yet :grin: {20202020}