Collab: Blcorn and MewMeowArts


Hello this is the collab topic for only @MewMeowArts and me. Anyways do you have any idea what game we should make?


My request is I LOVE COLLABS


Why are you here? This is only for me and @MewMeowArts. Not trying to be rude.


Oh. Sorry. I’ll leave now


@SunkM-Productions We can talk on my other topic if you want


You wanna make a game? Hmm… let me think. One sec.


… A sort of space game perhaps? Idk.


Hello @Blcorn! This is the twenty letter test you told me to do on Hopscotch to see if theis would still be in the pending thing. I think this is twenty letters… Yeah. I think it is. Ok I’m done now. Bye.


Do you want to make a game or not then?


Sorry, but you can’t just make a topic where two people can only speak to one another. You cannot make private chats so I suggest mabye you should make this a GT so everyone’s included… : D


Maybe you could make some kind of fun game with multiple levels? A platformer game maybe?


Yeah, that sounds cool! All that’s left is the game itself. Like the theme… do you have any suggestions?


Idk maybe a winter or under the sea theme!


Yeah, that’s good. Are u good at coding? I have some coding skills but they’re not great.


I’m okay at coding. So what’s the goal in the game?


To reach a location? I actually just thought of another kind of game we could do.


Really I want to hear them


It was actually inspired by this game called knightin’ basically you go through a whole bunch of dungeons and stuff, fight monsters, unlock treasure chests. I think it’s on this website called cool math games.


You know cool maths games I go on there at school or when I’m bored. Let me check the game out


Ok. I gtg for a little bit. Going to watch World of Dance! :relaxed: