Collab anyone? 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄



Hi, On hopscotch I am giraffe88​:sparkles: and I'm really bored. Anyone want to do a collab?


Account or draft? (Have to go to bed so won't see till tomorrow...)


What do you mean? I don't get it?

Sorry I haven't been on hopscotch that long :confused:


I think @Stick88 means to make another account to do it on or to trade drafts


This might sound like I don't know anything but how do you trade drafts? :grin:


you could make a special number that a value must be set to for a project to play.
If the numbers not entered in edit mode the project can just be blocked by an emoji filling the screen.
This stops others copying,remixing someone elses projects.
I don't know if thats what will get used here though


Thank you! now I know what to do!


but you have to give the number to your coding partner on the forum while they are on and quickly delete it to stop others seeing or eee male the number

look for passcode tutorial by @AHappyCoder
this will explain more


Do you want to help? If you are on now reply before one minute then I will delete!


sorry i can't
my projects going to take ten years to make.
Metaphorically speaking


can you send it again I missed it! :persevere:


I could collab with you! Maybe a type of activity game like bannanadog S dress up game here's the link!


don't use a full stop like the tutorial says
use a black square emoji instead that can hide under the play button.
WARNING, You won't be able to drag it out if you need to change/or delete it.
Make a second copy of your project and save in drafts just in case.


Sure @Starrycat but I was thinking more of a game like a challenge!


Oh? Can you give me an example?


Like, maybe, you have to make choices, like, do you want to jump over the wall or go through the door of climb over the wall. If you climb up the ladder breaks and the door leads to another place completely and if you jump over you get safely to the other side. Just an example!


You could make a game where a balloon is made a random size.
The player has to press their balloon and stop when they think it's the same size as the first balloon.
The first balloon and players balloon sizes are then shown a texts
More of a guessing game.


Ok, we can do that! (20)


Thanks for the idea! Thanks so much! I will give credit to you!


i didn't think you would do it.
It seems too simple.
compared to the story game you planned to make.