Collab anyone? From Joewheels2


After my next game Realese I am trying to find someone to collab with to make addicting games, my most recent games are the five nights at smileys series and five more nightmares. If you want to collab put your idea below and if I like the idea I'll give you the login and password, which will only show for five minuets.


It depends on what you want to make


A game that people won't want to stop playing until they have the highest score.


Hmmmm... It could be like a game where you try to get a bunch of money to buy stuff and make potions and things


Make it rain? Which craft style? Mmmmm... You know what type of addicting piano tiles is. Something like that addicting. But that is a good idea!


The rage game. Where there's lots of levels and it makes you rage a little or on certain levels and it's addicting.


Yeah something like this! What will you do in the game?


You play as a certain character and unlock characters throughout the game. You can replay levels once you beat the game. Some obstacles are trying not to fall into space, trying to get things off of something, killing or destroying a certain amount of robots or something. Also unlocking other stuff like hats maybe.


One problem I don't know how to do the gravity thing. Do you?


Yeah kinda but not a lot for the gravity code stuff.


Login photo has been removed, did you get it!


Yep I got it..... ...... ......


This is not my real account but another one I made for collabing. If you mess up or delete any projects you will be reported, are you sure you want to continue?


Yeah I want to continue.


Okay you can login and read the project I made for the account and new people. Then we can start on the project...


I read it................


Yes then we can start on the project


Can I collaborate with you?? :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Your already a beta tester rawrbear


So? :smiley::smiley: (20 characters jdmdjsjsndjd)