Collab Announcements!


Hey everyone. First of all, I dropped out of every collab and contest I'm in, unless I'm holding it. I don't have time for so many and wanted to start again. There were a few other reasons as well.

Collab With @LGBT.Coder

So, what should our collab be about? I emailed you the pass to LGBT.Support, by the way. If it's okay with LGBT.Coder, maybe some other people could join? I'm worried someone would vandalize it, though... Hmm.

for @liza

I noticed some really weird glitches. Most of the shapes I can't turn light grey when I use set color. Also, in an art pad I'm making, all the circles turned light grey in the editor... Any ideas about what causes this?


I think we should figure some stuff out in LGBT.Support before we invite others. I emailed you back btw


Okay! I'll log into my email through my phone. (I'm trying to save data :wink:)


After an email to them, I've found out that they've found it out, and they're currently fixing it!

Close out of the project and open it again, and it will fix itself! :wink:


Okay, thanks.


I'm not sure what it should be about! I am excited for this collab and gave you a follow! I sometimes have the same glitch, by the way!


Awesome! I saw that. If you'd like to help, you can, but it's your choice.


I would, but I'm super busy! Maybe another time!


Okay cool. Good luck with whatever you're doing!


Thanks! Best of luck to you, too!