Collab @AHappyCoder


Would you like to collab to make a game like "Clash Royale"?
This would require more advanced coding than a draw pad or run-jump-shoot-dodge games.


"Advanced coding" mmmm I like the sound of that! Ok sure! At first I thought "I am in a few collabs already" but that is a cool game!


So when can we start? :smile:


I'll start a draft and post a link


You tap a city on the left and the hand points there.
There will be 6 classes of soldiers that you tap and they will appear at the pointing hand if you have enough gold.
The soldiers wil move across to attack the CPU castle.
The more soldiers you have over the halfway mark, the faster your gold goes up.
The CPU will attack your castles with its soldiers.
This is the plan.
I'll post a link tommorow.
What I'd like you to do is improve the look of everything.
Make the castle look like castles.
And a background shading from dark green to a pale sand color to make a path from the left castles to a right castles and shade back to dark green.
You have artistic freedom, just don't change the size-shape of the castles or texts. You can add to them to improve the look and add to the scenery if you want.
Please reply with your opinion and thoughts about this.

P.S. The "200" is the health score for each castle.
I'm not concerned about doing a collab by publishing each update.
If someone wants to copy or use the published updates, they are free to do so.
I won't lose any sleep or have a hurt ego about it.

The fun in indoor rock climbing is the challenge of getting to the top.
Being at the top is the least fun part.


So the squares are the castles?


This game is awesome!! Good luck! :smile:


It looks great! Thanks. Do you think we should have it 2 player? Making the CPU sounds quite hard for a game like this. Sometimes making a CPU it is a great idea though, or we could have an option to select 2 player mode or 1 player vs CPU.


OK. You can make it 2 player.
The squares with the units to tap have to be a little smaller then so they fit for both sides.
Can you choose a price for each unit and place beneath its square.
I want a archer unit(I'll have to code that, a bit complex)
Make the most expensive unit a big monster or something.
Just the pics in the squares.
We can discuss the units moving,attacking later.
You can still make every thing look better.
And come up with some ideas of your own.


I ᑕᗩᑎ'T ᗯᗩIT! TᕼIᔕ ᒪOOKᔕ S͙O͙O͙O͙ A͙W͙E͙S͙O͙M͙E͙!!!! g̾o̾o̾d̾ l̾u̾c̾k̾!!


Just saw the video! Good luck making the game!


HSB (37,50,100)I have a question:
Do you like this castle (the bottom one)

I had an idea with the cards, but it might no work.
Have one onscreen deck and grey out the opponent when it is not his/her turn. What do you think?


The bottom castle looks great. I wasn't planning on having cards.
I thought of tapping a unit and it appears where the point-hand is and moves across to attack the opposite castle, and bumps,attacks any unit in the way.
I don't think taking turns is good. I would prefer everything fast and real time.
Six squares with units will be needed for the right castles for a second player.

I love the colors. Can you make the castles on the right look cool as well but in a different style and color? Maybe sort of an organic,tree house, elf inspired look.
Maybe we can get rid of the gold and have a timer for each unit that counts down to 0 to show when a unit can be summoned.


I have not added any gameplay but I have done the castles. They are now pen drawn!

I tried to get a fairly good tree house.


WOW!!! You have exceeded my expectations.
You have a way better imagination and art skills than me.


Thanks! Art...yes...I like making graphics. Imagination......well there is a limitless supply of that! So not even the most creative person could have thought of all of it.


So far, when you tap the soldier icon, a soldier appears at the pointed hand
And moves slowly across to the right side.
A group of Set text Rats also moves across when the rat icon is tapped.
I'll add one more unit and leave the other 3 for you to create.
I'll post a link tomorrow with this


Looks great :D Should I make the king castles different?


I'll have to ask you to wait for nearly a week.
I'm coding the players units to damage the tree houses when they reach them.
And coding an archer that will detect and shoot at an enemy unit if it's in front of the archer.
I'm starting to think a 1 player game against the CPU would be better.
A random unit can appear at each tree house and move to attack the players castle.
Each time an enemy unit dies, the wait time before another unit appears is decreased.
If a tree house is destroyed, no more enemy units will come from the tree house.
This would be easy to code for as the cpu AI
I also want to make a cannon for the CPU that launches fireballs at the players castles and sometimes at the players units.
When ready I will publish a link with a screen pic.


How is your draft going? :D