This is a COLLAB account I will be allowing people to enter. All the people who manage to join the account, when we all beco,e regulars we will put it in the privateer longe. I am only allowing four other people but @Kvj , you are automatically in ! Please try and join by filling in the form below :
How often are you on the forum?
Are you a leader ?
Do you like hopscotch ?
Do you want to join ?
How old are you ?
Are you already a member ?

Thanks for reading this post !

( please do not spam this !)

MEMBERS ARE : @thebestest @kubajr @kvj @StarryDream @KoolM123 @PerfectPanda24 @Explorer_ @KarmicSans2


Meh. I'm not good with collabs but ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯


COOL ! You are in ! We have come up with a name , Ancore studios !

Do you like it a.


Or Ancore Studios?


Ancore Studios

I like the name !


Me too :stuck_out_tongue:

What will we make?


We need to wait for the other people to come ! Can you make the account ?


I think it's best for the leader here to make the topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

points with crooked finger at @Silverdolphin


What type of projects would you do?


Who ? Me ? Who is the leader


We are gong to make lots of different types !


points crooked finger at @Silverdolphin


Right ! I am going to go and make it now !


Done !

Ask me for the username and password !


I've never really been in a collab account before so fingers crossed and I'll see how it goes!:slight_smile:


What are they? Put them in <>s


You are a member if I am as we joined the forum on the same day , YOU ARE IN NOW ,


I've seen it.
Does it have a space in the pass?


Yah ! It does indeed !


Okay! :smiley: :smiley: