Collab Accounts-This Update Would Solve All Risks



I'm putting this in lounge so people who are experienced can also share suggestions to add to this suggestion. I make a new topic to make it, well, NEW! Anyway, this is how it would work. In someone's profile, there would be an extra tab called Collabs. There will be 2 sections in there. One is called "Collabs I own!" And the other is "Collabs I'm in!" We will get back to those sections.
Like you can make your own project, you can make your own Collab. When you tap the button to make it, you are opened up to a page of the Collab you just made, and it looks a lot like the menu for an account. There is a favorites and projects section. If you own a Collab, you can invite others by hopscotch username to be able to make drafts in it. If you make a draft, you can choose certain people who can edit your draft, people who are part of the Collab you made the draft in. This does include the owner. The owner of the draft (one who makes it) is the only one who can publish and delete it. If you enter a draft you are not aloud to edit, if you enter a rule, the section you drag blocks from will not be there, and you can't drag blocks or characters around, the new character button is missing, you can't edit character's names, so all you can do is play the project and look at the rules, pretty much. And if you have permission, you can edit the project, so all the things that weren't there, would be.
Now, on the Collabs I own section in your profile, it will show Collabs you have created. In the Collabs I'm in section, it's any Collabs you've been invited to by those owners.


This is a super good idea. This would definitely help stop hackers.


Unless someone you invited was a hacker and u didn't know it :wink:.


I love this idea! I can never keep up with collabs. Maybe, you post a challenge, and you can join? Like a "Groups" tab or something like that's?


@AHappyCoder they'd have to be an actual true hacker to do too much harm.


Yes true, speaking of haxers how is you Hacker Smackers story going? :hushed:


@AHappyCoder I haven't started yet but will soon.


Cool! I like the story idea!