Collab Account?


Would any one like to make a collab account with me on hopscotch?:blush:


I would, but I donยดt have the time.


That's fine.


I would, but I may not be able to be on hopscotch as constantly as you... want to give it a try? :blush:


Okay. We would need a few more people because I have to leave hopscotch over the summer.


I would as well!
I will be on less on summer but I'm intrested


Should it be a coding collab?


Maybe but only accept like 5 people.
We are in danger of hacker.s right now


That's a good number.


Yeah!!! Sry gtg right now dinner (yes it's 8:21 here)


It is 3:22 where I am.


That might work well because I will be on HS more often, I think, during Summer.


Oh, and it's even earlier where I live :blush:


Okay. It's nice to have people on year round. Any username ideas?


Hmmm... What do you think we will make? We could base the name off of that.


I don't want to join, but @laser_eyed_puppy was looking to do a collab too. She might do it with you...


What would you want to make? I think it should probably be a coding collab.


I think that we could make games such as tycoons, mini games, and exploration games. The name could be something like HopGames, The Game Team, or HappyCoders... Not my best ideas :yum:


I like HopGames!


Okay.. Let's go with that. While we're both on, shall we (or you) come up with a password? Or you could make an account, and I could join. What should our first project be?