Collab Account?


I'm looking for around 3 people to collab with on an account if anyone's intrested please let me know...


I'm kinda new, and I haven't done a collab before, so I'll try :slight_smile:


I've never done a collab before to


I'd prefer experienced players if possible but if I can't find anyone else then yeah


Also, would like to get a Halloween project going (a really good one) so it's done by halloween


We could also use a drawer if there's any drawers out there


I'm interested! Please?
And I'm great at values and control flow, I know 4 different Coding languages
Lua (sorta) HTML, JavaScript, and of course hopscotch


I think I've seen your work before, sounds good we just need a couple more people


K, should we make an account?


Yeah but we should get a couple more people before we make one




what's your user on hopscotch?


I don't use it anymore but it's GJ Studios


what would be a good user for the collab account do you think?




ehhh something else preferably


Me face palming me

What, I tried covering up mah face


sure. close enough :joy:



I'm sorry XD