Sooooooo my other collabs with @PrincessBunny1 @Cupcake.maniac and @AwesomeNachos havent turned out well and we havent made even a single project together so i wanted to make this collab and we will discuss usernames and passwords later
And i wont be that active soon cause school is starting soon so this will go on for a little while
Are you good at making projects (tell me which ones you are good at)
Will you make projects well with me and others
Active on hs (You have to be to join this collab)

Title donations (Paigey’s GT) Please Regular gods put regular magic on me to become powerful again | Will cocoa_viola make Santa catch on fire? | Paigey is amazingness so go spamlike her -FP | god isn't censored



@Explorer_ r u gonna join


Oooooooh! Me! Maybe “Puppy Lovers?”


It’s sounds like an amazing idea! I will think about joining because I’m kinda busy right now. Buts a great idea!


And good suggestion @laser_eyed_puppy


I’d do one! (I can code music (I think))

Woah just did double parentheses XD


Just fill the form out


I didn’t even see that :joy:

Music coding

I think so

I think I’m nice (don’t want to get too big headed)

I go on everyday but do not post everyday


Ok your in
We need about 3-4 people to join so this collab will u know work ish


Can I join? Im new to hs


Yes just fill the form out


No one ever joins my collabs


I would love too but I’m really busy! I’m sorry


That’s ok expo


@mieli are you gonna fill the form out


Pixel art/REALLY big games
:angel:t3: XD
Super active

This sounds FUN!!


Ok your in
I need 5 members to start da collab :((


@laserpais_friends JOIN DISSSS.


Thx @laser_eyed_puppy