Colabs anyone? Join CollabStation!



Hello! If you sre reading this topic and you want to have a collab project with anyone, please consider joining my secondary account, CollabStation. I use it to collaberate with other hopsccotchers. I havent made anything with it as i have recently created it but if you want to, comment below. :grinning:


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Yeah I would like to know that also!! But I probely would join!


I would love a collab! I am not sure how to join though. What does it mean?


A collaboration is a project you work on with more than one person! :wink:


Yep. I just made this to see who would want to join and see what their ideas are!


I mean like how would you join


Just tell me and i will tell you the password on this question. There can be multiple people on this colab.


Oh, ok. Be careful though, you don't want to get hacked.


I wish there was some way to message things privately.......