Coins For Hopscotch?


Yes now you can download images ^-^! But we have to pay, I know it's make hopscotch a better place and I'm not saying it's a bad idea. But I think there should be like a coin system to hopscotch where if you get a certain amount of money/ coins (based off of how many projects or likes you get?) you can I guess get to change your profile pic once and the second time you have to pay... Or the coins can unlock new characters in hopscotch that you can get or something. But even if this idea gets into hopscotch you should still have to pay for some things like actually being able to download pics I guess. Just an idea :hugging:


Great idea, but...

Then a lot of people would start to make a bunch of projects begging for likes and we don't want that! :grin:


I agree! People might say if you like this project I'll follow you and they wouldn't follow you! :frowning:


people may say something like this...(similar to some youtube comments)
KEEP READING OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like or die! someone did not like this and died 1 day later!!!!!!!!!!!! so like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!


This is a cool idea, actually!

Instead of based on how many likes your project has, how about having it based off of how much hard code you have? Like a sin/cosine trail art? :D


That's a great idea.... I have an idea for a way to earn stuff...
Maybe after you play HS for free for a year or something, you get a week with the subscription for free! Like a preview for the subscription.


Or you get coins on the amount of projects you get featured! I would only have 1 coin...
But good idea!


I agree with this point.


Kiwi has a point, but I still like this idea. Earning a subscription would be cool. But you are kinda missing the whole point of why we have subscribers now. THT needs money, so if there was a coin system that would defeat the purpose of the subscription thing. People would just earn their way instead of paying.


yea i realized that, maybe you get "coins" by winning contests and stuff? or you can only get it if you get approved by THT?



But then wouldn't more people be asking for likes and such?


Cool, only maybe two years. I am nearing/past the two year mark. When I started no one knows