Hai Hai Everyone :3,
I'm SushiOwl2016 on Hopscotch and if you've seen my profile... All I do is draw. Soooooooo...... I was wondering if I could have a coding partner? If anyone wants to sign up reply to this. :blush:


I would love to be your coding partner - Fore Note : I am trash at coming up with new ideas, decent at programming them. So if I become your coding partner don't expect anything original :wink:.


Please dont say you are trash. You arent! I love your logos! Everyone is unique in one way, maybe you haven't found your gift in coming up with new ideas yet! Who knows? (nose) :nose:


Ok so are you Nerd4Ever on Hopscotch too?
I was just thinking... Maybe we should make a Cat Stimulater. The game being based on you (the player) as the owner of a cat?


Gr8 idea! And my hopscotch name is not Nerd4Ever (got locked out of my account) It is Nerd4EverCF ( I joined a collaboration called "Coding Fantastics" so CF.)


I would love to help!


Idea 1

2 Players. One is the cat, the other is the human. Depending on how we make the game, there could be a split screen, one side cat, other human/

Idea 2

We recreate a game similar to "Idea 1", suicidal baby has to kill him/herself, and the father trying to baby-proof the house until the virtual mom gets home. Here is a link to the game :


Okie I like kitty Stimulater better...
No offense:sweat_smile:
I was thinking maybe we could have the player be first person and you SEE the cat.


Alright. But what would be the goal of the game?


Maybe to get the cat happy? Like there is a happy meter somewhere and doing certain things gets it up.