Codingkit's general topic!


Because of what everyone said about the origanal topic this is now my general topic.


What is your favorite HS project?


You could just make a general topic :smiley:


Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

deleted my posts


Hmmmm... I'm not sure. Quizzes are fun and I like seeing people's art but if I had to choose I'd say this one. It's by @MagmaPOP


I love all quizzes and simple but fun games and art


Sounds like we have some similar interests @Jades! What's your favorite quiz?


Whats ur favourite colour: red, green or blue
Whats your favourite MagmaPOP project?


My favorite color is blue and as I said earlier my favorite MagmaPOP project is


Hoi! I leike general topiks, you can talk with your frens without being off-topik!




@EmmabugOnTheForum you on?


oops I ment origanal topic not origami topic XD


I am now. I was asleep when you posted that.


Great! Hi friend!