codingCupcake123's Profile Picture Contest



Hi everyone,
Even though my puppy profile picture is undeniably adorable, (it's from the Internet :D) I thought it was time to let go of it and find a new one. But then I had a problem. It was that I didn't know what to make my new picture!

So I thought.

And thought.

And thought some more.

I went on the drawing topic while I thought, and wrote the 21,000 post. I got so excited I completely forgot about my dilemma. So when I remembered, I decided that I should get a picture from one of you extremely talented Hopscotchers. It's not really a contest..I mean, I will announce the winner and all, but the winner doesn't win anything. Except the pride of seeing their picture whenever I comment...

I don't care if the picture is drawn, coded, picked off the Internet...anything
These are the things I like! (you don't have to use these, just as a guide if you want to)

I really like piano!


All sports..

Ice cream!

All colors!


Anything that is ADORABLE!

Something that looks really cool!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Um mines a little dragonite it's that looks cute :PP


Why not make a puppy playing a piano with some strawberry ice cream on a rainbow background? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Tada!!! It's really bad though...


I would try, but I can't upload ;-;


Do you like hoarses?


What about this?


Do you like anime @codingCupcake123? Coz...


I hope you like this one @codingCupcake123

It's got the things you like in it


I got one! It's really funny, and cute!


Wow, these are all so good! I like all of them! i am just going to see if anyone else has one before I choose one of these.


Anyone else?


I will soon enter !!!!!




What color do you want the cupcake'



I saw you announce it on the drawing topic, and the first thing I thought was 'I'm going to enter!'.
Yet I missed the topic. ;-;

I'm going to join! :D

Is there any other animals or things that you like? :D

I always like having more information before starting. XD


Anything that is cute...(I love cute things!)

But other than that..
I like...

Tigers and bears and lions and...well let's just say I'm an animal lover!

Thanks for joining! You are on of my favorite Hopscotchers!


Thank you! :D

Is there a color/thing that you definitely want to avoid in/as your profile picture?
Or a color/thing that you definitely want in/as your profile picture? :D


Ok I will send you a pic when I get done with drawing! I have a great idea!


Not really..I would rather not have a darker color theme, I like bright colors. (Like pink, green, yellow, blue, etc.)