CodingCupcake123's Feedback!


Hi everyone!

Lots of users have been doing these, so I'll hop on the bandwagon!

should I be more active on the forum?

  • No
  • Yeah....
  • Maybe a little


Votes are public.

P.S. Not including the last few weeks, I'm been on vacation and not on.

Rate my personality on the forum! (Kindness, helpfulness, all that stuff)

  • You could be a little nicer
  • You're mean
  • You're so nice!
  • You're eh


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Rate my coding!

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P.S. I am RedRaspberry2016 on HS. :D

Please answer truthfully! Please, please, please! I want your honest opinions!


Please comment below on anything I can improve on! Anything from a coding aspect to something here on the forum!


Thanks for the votes! I want to know what I should improve on! :D


Revive! :D


Mega revive! I think you know my opinion.


Um hi dude, I know I didn’t treat you nicely in the past, but I’m here to say that I do not hate you mate (^ν^)


Thanks I never hated you either

I just honestly liked stirring the pot sometimes I was strange then