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I'm not addicted to HS. But I definitely should start getting off as school is going to start. I need to build a wall.

I need to practice for high school so I can beat everyone. I'm going to win so much, I'll be sick of winning. I'm going to win bigley.

High school is a UGGGEEEE deal where I live. Gotta
practice. I'll be on sometimes though.


Awww, okay! I hope you have an excellent time in high school! :D I will miss you if you leave ;-;


Thanks! You're definitely one of my favorite people on the forum, so that means a lot from you! :D

I'm actually not that close to high school, still in middle school, but high schools look at this year. I'll try not to quit, but yeah. :smile:


Okay! Hope you have fun in high school!


Thanks! I'm not even close to high school though. :smile:


Wait why did u edit the thing out you had a huge good paragraph before


It was an accident :weary:

I didn't mean to edit it all out :persevere:


You can get it back if U press the orange thing


Oh really I'm going to do that then thicks


It's not working

I liked my old paragraph

Whatever oh well


High school... WOW!

I will REALLY miss you if you leave. You're on of my favorite ppl here!!


Aww thank you're so nice! I'll miss you too if I have to leave!


You're nice!!!! The forums would not be the same without you ;-;


Hi @codingCupcake123 :D


hi @Anonymous :D


Omg is that a trump reference


Maybe ;)