Ok it's here
My coding company

So yeah you sign the form that was made on hopscotch only 10 allowed now
And yeah here we talk about projects and help
We have to collab just help and stuff

I'll have challenges that are optional and you win prizes
I'll chose different like leaders,members and stuff

Here's the link
Do you know how to do this?

tag list



Your middle name is the same as mine :0000000


Come on sign up
First one DEFIENTLY regular


Can I join ? Please can yo also add a link for the project as I do not have the new update ?


sorry, im already applying for Hopscotch Weekly.


What is your middle name? xD


Verrückt. Means crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? Is Komplettverrücktjunge correct? xD


Right on! Perfekt written


I have a link for the project in
It's the blue writing
Also why do you not have the update


I am on a school iPad and our IT teacher has not managed to sort it out yet !


Yes but I cannot play it on hopscotch so can I have the link that makes it go to the web ?


Yay! xD


I signed up! Are you going to manually promoting people?


I will do it right now


Question:sorry but my activity so loaded with likes from my marathon
Can you post the link here