Coding Websites! POLL


I use scratch and khan academy.


I use Hopscotch, and I sometimes code with Python, but that is not a coding website, depending on how you see it. There are online Python code editors, but I don’t know if that counts.


Any coding platform that allows you to create your own code, or that gives you tutorials, counts!

I have never heard of “xcode”. Does that make me a noob?
Is it a language, or like a coding platform as I mentioned earlier? I would love to check it out and try it for myself!!


It’s a platform for making ios apps. You have to have a computer running macOS.

You can buy macos to put on a windows or linux machine but its expensive

It has a graphical view editor (similar to Hopscotch layout editor) and you program in swift and objective c or c or c++


I use Swift playgrounds - it is really awesome. (I know it’s not exactly coding but it gets you to think in a coding way) I also use the application excel 2010 a lot. And hopscotch… duh


I use

  • Swift playgrounds
  • Hs
  • Lua
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Scratch.

I am currently learning C++


Swift Playgrounds is definitely coding. While you can’t make iOS / Mac apps, it is still very much coding with Swift


I’m talking about excel which isn’t exactly coding.


That looks cool! But if it is really expensive I don’t know if I could try it…

That’s a lot!

Good answers, people!


Do you know excel?


Microsoft excel?





and thank you for



Yes, I have heard of Microsoft excel.
But how does it relate to coding? I have never tried it or used it.


You can use formulas written similar to to coding language to do many things, it can organise data really well. Especially if you’re coding something in swift and let’s say you loose track of the functions you created, you can organise it in Microsoft excel.


it is free if you have a mac

go to the app store then search xcode

ignore the reviews, runs fine on my 2013 MBP


Oh. That’s pretty cool and handy to have!

Thank you! But, I don’t have a mac, unfortunately.


Oh, ok. There are plenty other IDEs but none work very seamlessly


I do my own sort of code with a file manager.


ti 84 plus ce is actually decent for programming like its speed is ok