Coding Websites! POLL


Hey guys!
It has been kind a while since I have done a poll, so I decided to do one today! And this poll is based off of some hype that Khan Academy, Scratch, and other really cool coding websites have been receiving on the forum! You can vote on what you use in this poll! (The poll is private!)

  • I just use Hopscotch
  • I don’t use Hopscotch, I just use the forum: (I will list what coding website I use down below)
  • I don’t use Hopscotch, I just use the forum: (I do not code.)
  • I use Hopscotch and (I will list what coding website I use down below)

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You can use multiple coding websites! I hope this poll wasn’t to unclear! Let me know in the comments section if you want me to clear anything up!

Please take this poll! Maybe there will be a part 2 or an edit to this topic in the future!!
Thanks for clicking on this topic!

Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night, wherever you are!

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This is a great topic.

I’d love to hear other feedback. I was thinking about making a topic like this.


I used Scratch once or twice. I used Tynker for about a year.
So… I guess that.


I use Scratch quite often


I use Hopscotch and Swift Playgrounds. We currently have both on our school iPads, so I use those the most.


Do apps (not websites) count as well?


Scratch, occasionally kahn academy


I used hopscotch and scratch and I sometimes do Khan Academy!


I use hs and python


I use Khan Academy and Scratch
(my username on scratch is smashastyle)




I use HS for simple things on the go/ipad

I know lots of other languages such as c, c++, c#, java, JS, css3 and html*, python, swift, etc (i have too much time on my hands)

i use scratch AT forums to communicate with other people who like web development like me

i use git and github to store my code


Yes, apps FOR SURE count!!


Wow! You all use very different things, which is great!

I heard quite a bit of Scratch, and a lot of Khan Academy as well.
I did hear a few pythons, which is great! I love Python!

There are some, (like Swift Playgrounds and Tynker) that I have heard of a few times but have never tried! So thank you for giving me some ideas!


Swift playgrounds is ok, but mostly pre coded

U can hard code uiviews and such in a blank doc tho

Tynker requires a paid subscription for most things and its pretty expensive.

Python is fun until you need to obfuscate or compress it then the whitespace gets… in the way


I mainly use Hopscotch and Xcode then.


xcode is fun until you get a sigabrt and have to trace it back through like ten files because the lldb isnt the best




Um well it is not a coding website, it is a language


The program is called logo which is typed programming on PCs