Coding tutorial/trick!



Hi! I made this topic to share a cool trick for coding that I like to use in my projects.

This trick can be used to help trail art and pixel art respond to your tapping, or if you wanted just a characters arm or head or whatever to respond to your tapping, this will do it!

Here's the tutorial for how to do it!

1. Get out the Hopscotch character bear. In this tutorial, I'm going to make him jump when just his head is tapped.

2. Get out a circle and drag it onto bear's head. (you can also use a set position block for this step)

Go into the circles code and select a when game starts block, and then select a set invisibility block. Set the invisibility to 99.

3. Go into bear's code and select a when is tapped block. Choose when circle is tapped. Then select a pre-made custom jump block.

And there you go! With just three easy steps, bear now only jumps when his head is tapped. And you can't see the circle because it's invisibility is so high.

Try using this trick with trail art or pixel art to help make it respond when it's tapped! ;D

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this tutorial, I'll probably make some more! :)


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@Milkypup lol
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How to tap invisible things

Cool :D




This is a really cool trick!!! Thanks for making and sharing this! :smiley:


Woah, this is cool! Thanks for the tip! :D


Why don't you make the invisibility 100%?


Awesome, I love tutorials!


Because then if you tap it it is invisible so it won't do anything


I would give u a award for best kindness and best topics


It won't respond to taps.


Interesting. I never thought of that consept before. Thanks @lollypopcorn!


This is really cool. Great topic and thanks for sharing this to the community @lollypopcorn!



Thank you all so much!!!!

Can't wait to see what you can do with it ;D


We should make a tutorial collab on hs
Just do tutorials for hopscotchers


That would be cool! Unfortunately, I'm too busy to join in a collab. But you can ask some other people! :)


It looks soooooooooooooooooooooOoooooooo cool!
I could go on with the o's lol


Fantastic tutorial, @lollypopcorn! If you use this in the Circle's code:

When 7=7:
-Set Position x(Bear X) y(Bear Y + 50) (or wherever his head is)

then it won't matter where Bear is, and you can always tap this head.


Great trick frenapai!!!



And that's cool! :D


Thanks you too explorerpai ;D